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London Lives!
May 14, 2013, 10:00 am
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Phew! That was a mammoth month of kids’ comics. Now I’m recovered, here’s a blog post! After a month spent running around to 18 different libraries all across London and meeting hundreds of comics-loving children, I finally completed my run of workshops for CityRead London. So many crazy characters created (with at least one called “Bob” in every group), so many random stories written and drawn!

The idea of London Lives was that after making up a character each, the kids would pick two characters made in the group at random, a random object and a random location, and make a comic strip based on whatever they had. (No looking, and no swapping!)


My example, made with two random characters (Ted Todd the skateboarding student, and undertaker and amateur magician Peter Charles Griffiths) created by my friends, with a football as my random object and a museum as my random location. All objects and locations were inspired by A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks, the book for CityRead London this year.

Hounslow Workshop

Hounslow Workshop 2

Workshop in Hounslow, photos courtesy of John from Hounslow Libraries.

Almost all of my workshops were at maximum capacity! It warms the cockles and mussels of my heart to see that so many young people are really engaged with comics, both reading them and making their own.

Kids Work Barbican Library

Children’s finished comic strips at Barbican Library.

London Lives Character 3

London Lives Character 2

London Lives Character 1

A selection of characters made by the participants.

Many thanks to CityRead London for inviting me to run comics workshops again this year, and all the participating libraries and staff! It was brilliant.

And I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the children who took part.

“I loved the workshop! It was terrific! I gained loads of confidence in drawing comics and know about them. I never had such a wonderful experience! If I had a word to describe it: Comic – cool” Abdul age 9


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